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The Merge was a great depiction of recognition and acknowledgement of self worth. The author did a great job with making the characters relatable. As you read, you’re able to just jump into the book as if you’re apart of it. It reminds you that no matter how hard someone tries to break you, or tear you down, as long as you truly value and love yourself, you have the Victory! There will be some people that come along and try to tarnish you but you can’t allow them to. You’re a diamond! Love yourself, girl!

Kayla Jefferson

Accounts Receivable Specialist

The book that will help millions

Learn how to transform your life and become emotionally independent. This book will help millions of readers and can do the same for you. Order your copy today and turn your life around now!

The Irreversible Leap

Cross that hard line, expand your comfort zone, and live the life you want.

Power of Now Time

Handle today and today will handle your tomorrows.

Your Authentic Voice

Find it. Build it. Use it. By any means necessary. No expense spared

No More Problems

See only opportunities. If you can’t, change your perspective until you can.

Your Truth Matters

Value your Truth and you will gain Wisdom.

Embrace MisUnderstanding

Authentic abstracts are not understood by inhabitants of the system.

The Author

Understand your worth without justification and strengthen your authentic voice

Self love can heal all wounds and lead anyone to their authentic voice. I’m living proof.

Born in Washington, D.C., I followed my inner guidance system and quit my job to write my book, The Merge, in 2017 and to become a full-time entrepreneur.

As the founder of Goal Care, I enjoy helping women discover their authentic voice through self-care and goal setting training.

I was once solely driven by fear. Emotionally dependent on others thoughts of me. That’s the past. Now I create the life I want. With my authentic voice as my guide.

Discover your authentic voice and find your path to freedom

The day my ego is fully engulfed by my authentic-self, is what I’m working towards. The journey of the evolution of me is what I affectionately call… The Merge.

Join me on this journey and lets merge into our authentic selves together.

What our readers have to say

This book will help millions around the world. Here is some of the feedback received from readers!


"A fascinating and insightful story on the importance of living your truth to achieve your "best life".

Tiffany Spriggs

Research Analyst


"The Merge is absolutely a page turner. Mye embodies black girl magic and is a female boss in every sense. The authors ability to intertwine Mye's relationships with a multitude of supporting characters flawlessly will make you fall in love with unexpected characters. Throughout the novel the reader is taken through the very real emotions of what it is like to be a African American woman, and have to play to the needs of so many. The female reader will relate to moments of reflection as a mother, lover, and friend, throughout Mye's journey to shed expectations and live her true raw self."

Crystal Roberson

Programs and Meetings Coordinator


"How do I love this book, let me count the ways… "Merge" is a relatable captivating story that unfolds through the eyes of Dr. Mye Hart, an accomplished, successful, beautiful, Psychologist, Philanthropist, Business-woman and mom who is broken at her core. As readers get engrossed into the story they are drawn into her growth journey. You will find yourself celebrating with her as she stands in her true power as she learns to accept and love herself to freedom from her self-imposed oppression. Through her awakening and commitment to release the shackles of being compliant in every way to her husband, family, and friends she inadvertently gives those connected to her the opportunity to grow and accept themselves as well. A compelling must read that provokes raw emotions of acceptance, anger, betrayal, compassion, forgiveness and laughter at every turn of the page. "

Shanna Morgan


“The function of freedom is to free someone else.”

Toni Morrison

Start, it is easier than you think!

Everything starts with a first step. This book will help you making this step, into a new future! While addressing issues that many face in society.

Being a Successful Black Woman in America

Dr. Mye Hart is a highly successful business woman, wife and mom. She is hurt and deeply broken, but she cannot afford to be angry for fear of being a stereotype. Nor can she openly express her desire for more without crossing boundaries or making others feel uncomfortable.

Processing Racial Disparities in Police Violence

As a mother of an 18 year old football phenom, she worry's about her cocky son Tem Amen Hart. He doesn't understand that despite their social economic status, to some police officers his dark skin is seen as threat. Tem learns the hard way and Mye's life is forever changed by it. There are somethings even her best friend Attorney Warren Truman can't make go away.

Ending a Marriage with Integrity & Grace

Deputy Commissioner William Hart Jr., married Mye 3 days after her 18th birthday. 20 years later they are going through a divorce with 2 kids, businesses, and a huge bank account. Lies and cheating plays a part in the divorce but something more critical than that sealed the deal for Mye.

Healing from Childhood Trauma & Abuse

Losing her mom at such a young age pushed Mye to have a great relationship with her daughter Bhavani Amen Hart. She channeled this energy into loving her family and friends. However Mye's dad channeled his energy from this tragic loss into very menacing behaviors. Causing Mye to deal with the loss of both of her parents at once.

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